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About Rho

We make finance frictionless for organizations.

Rho is the only finance automation platform that enables organizations to manage all spend and cash from a single location.

Why is this important? Today's market environment has placed finance teams under immense pressure to help their companies innovate and boost efficiency. 

Instead, finance teams spend nearly half their time on manual processes that could be automated, like reconciliation and expense reporting.

Founded in 2018, we help our customers solve this problem so they can spend more time running their businesses.

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December 2, 2022

December 2, 2022

October 2, 2022

Meet our customers

While we support organizations across industries and sizes, we primarily help growth-stage startups and traditional mid-sized companies to make finance frictionless.


Canvas Medical


Canvas Medical consolidated 4 different finance apps with Rho.

ACG automated expense management with Rho, saving 60 hours every month.

K-CON saves 20 hours of transaction processing every month with Rho.

CEOs with Rho PrimeTreasury

"We had just raised a Series A, and the money wasn't earning anything in our checking/savings account. Even a modest return could defray some of the cost of R&D, infrastructure, or other company expenses (and when you're a startup, every dollar counts).

With Rho Prime Treasury, we've laddered our cash reserves. Each month, we have enough bonds mature to pay payroll and other expenses, and we collectively plan for the large one-off outlays -- they've gotten to know our business and are forward-looking about our cash needs. With the extra money from the yield (of money we won't be immediately using), we've been able to extend our runway."

Peter Fishman

CEO & Co-Founder, Mozart Data

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